Who to invite

September 7th, 2012 | Tags:

The forever sticky subject of who to invite to your wedding, and who not to invite.  It’s a pretty loaded subjects since parents, friends, co-workers, sponsors, extended family members all have opinions.  Then throw in ex-spouses, step parents and a few crazy uncles and it drives just about any couple to think about eloping!  Troy and I have relatively little family drama/ step parents/ crazy people, even so all the stress of complying a guest list seriously had us thinking about flying off to Hawaii.  Our first version of our guest list was over 300 people.  We eventually cut it down to 150.  You will never make everyone happy.  

Even though the idea of running off to an island to get married sounded fun and less stressful, we’d miss sharing those moments with those we love.  I love these family and friend moments captured by Ken Kienow… love his work!

If you want more info about eloping check out Jess Lively’s blog here.. she just eloped to Paris!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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